Famenita (Graphic Design)

Order Number: FO612630F7A25
Lead Generated: Fiverr.com
Client Name: gfgrafikdesign
Client Brief:

Hi Antonio, I need an illustration. I am creating a packaging design for a pharmaceutical company. It is a product for women. All existing products have an illustrated flower as a design element. For the new product, it has to be also an illustrated flower. To be exact it hast to be a waterlily. Since this a product for women the client’s wish is that the flower should look like an opening blossom (should slightly look like a vagina since this product is for vaginal use). Please find attached a picture of an existing product as how the drawing-style should look like and how big the illustration has to be (or how much space there is on the package for the illustration) Also attached some pictures I found of a waterlily that could match the style and the size. Still, the final illustration should look not too detailed. My budget is around 50-60$. Can you work with that and what would be the delivery time for this? If you need more information, feel free to contact me. Thank you in advance and best regards Giovanni

Buyer Review:

Very good work. Antonio managed to deliver in a very tight timeline. Very satisfied and recommended.

Artist Statement:

This project really took me by surprise. They were on a tight deadline and it was for a major pharmaceutical. So being able to work on something that’s of that scale is always both a challenge a delight. Thankfully once I did the initial sketches, I had a very clear path to follow. So that’s always good. Being able to have the references ready by the client in order to be able to look at them and get inspired by their already established design really did help in the long run.

Image Gallery:

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