Channel Intro (Storyboard/Animatic)

Order Number: FO5BAF8DA4D2
Lead Generated:
Client Name: ryanngann631
Client Brief:

Mkay. well its not a long intro but i was thinking two cannons shooting the two balls onto a couch and exploding to reveal me and my friend sitting on the couch with controllers and smiling.

Buyer Review:

It was AMAZING!!! I am loving working with them on this and it exceeds my expectations!

Artist Statement:

I love animating, it truly is one of my most passionate activities. I just love being able to take ideas and basically bring them to life through the process of animation. One of my favorite parts of the process is actually the animatic part. Storyboarding is fun, but it usually just feels like doodling since nothing is moving and nothing is actually too refined, so when it comes time to do the animatic. That is when I truly shine with happiness. Another very important reason I enjoy doing animatic is because usually that is literally the first time ever the client is seeing their ideas come to life. For the very first time they are seeing what they have on their mind, moving (and sometimes sounding) in real life, and I just love the reactions I get to a good animatic. People love them!

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