Meditating Woman- Cartoon

Order Number: FO811BF6F4273

Lead Generated:

Client Name: peeeet

Client Brief:

Can you do one character for me for USD 5 first to give it a try and to see how we can work together. Attached you find the character (png format with transparent background). Can you send me your offer? An other question: on your website I read that you do animation as well. Do you also have a portfolio for animation? Are there whole animation projects done by your team only? Kind regards, Peter

Buyer Review:


Artist Statement:

For this project the buyer provided blank line-art that I then was able to color and texture on Adobe Photoshop. I enjoyed working on it, but sadly they had more than one artist bidding for this project, at the end they went with someone else. I wish I had done the whole project, I feel I could have brought their vision to life, had they gone with me and my style.

But oh well, you win some, and you lose some.

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