Valle de los Muertos – Overview

What is Valle de los Muertos?

Valle de los Muertos is a comic under production by me, artist and illustratator Antonio “Mabs” ( This zombie comedy thriller is currently being developed with planned release for the first full issue (small print run) in mid-late 2020. Follow Jane Jacknovich as she tries to re-unite her estranged family, all while surviving, the greatest threat of all. The Zombie Apocalypse.

Valle de Los Muertos Line Up Poster
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Who is Jane Jackonovich?

Character Colors

Jane Jackovich Sparks, alias “Goldie”. Is a 14 year old, shy, strong girl, looking to find her way back home. This wizkid of a girl will not take no for an answer, she will go back to her family and everything will be alright. As shy as she may appear to be, it’s important to know that this 14 year old young lady, has killed more zombies that you could count.

Wearing her mom’s favorite purple sweater, this girl is ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum. Which she does because she spent sometime smoking cigaretters when she was 12 and now she can’t really kick the oral fixation. Kid had a lot of stress growing up. Her mom died, and her dad married a rockstar, all whilst his brother was out in some weird creepy college, doing who knows what.

When the alarms went off though, Jane could not thinking of anyone else but her family. Her race to find them sets her on a journey of a lifetime, that she might not survive.

Jane Jacknovich Sparks, loves her brother. Plays with her cap when she’s bored, likes to think and is really angry at her dad for marrying, HER.

She misses her mom a lot, she died when Jane was just a couple of years old. It was very tragic, they all almost died.


*I wish to slowly reveal the characters and locations as I write these posts, so in the future I will tell you more about the rest of the cast.*

Where is Valle De Los Muertos?

Valle de Los Muertos Background

Valle de los Muertos is located in the bordering desert of the once named, Pinelly Road. Pinelly Road is a triangular roads that connects 3 main places. The Mansion’s neighborhood, Friendrich Avenue, the Pinelly Road Apartments Complex, and the *redacted* Headquarters.

It also encompasses 2 biomes. A densely packed forest, and a hot and sunny desert. Valle de los Muertos, as translated in English, means; Valley of the Death. It is called this because of local legends about *redacted*… living under *redacted*.

When’s Release?

I’ve had some experience making comics in the past, as well as running a webcomic, and I think that for this project I would like to try something new. The way I am doing it is as follows.

1- Make Comic Bible

2- Write Scripts

3- Divide Into Issues

4- Make First Physical Issue

5- Release for Free online (every other week.)

6- Print and sell Physicial and Digital Issues.

That means that there will 3 releases basically. One for the webcomic which is free and will update every other week for as long as I have comic’s for and am able to produce more. A release for the First Physical Issue that will be available through my store ( and then once the Webcomic is some ways ahead, I will release a Digital version of the First issue at a cheaper price than the Phyisical Signed Books.

It is because of this that I will be documenting only the process of creating the different issues. As well as launching when I have the first physical issue on my hand and ready to ship. This way I can ensure a good update schedule without missing any days. This will also help with consistency, and quality in the long run.

How can I help?

You can subscribe on Patreon, and for just $1 a month your name will be on the credits when the book gets printed, as well as several other places. You will also be able to find exclusive content when you subscribe. Like this one, where I do another character overview and reveal important and secret information about one of the characters in the story. “Lady Nala” (only readable by Patrons).

It is also important to note that I will be introducing pre-orders of the first issue through a patreon tier, once development has moved further along and we are at least half-way through the first issue.


You can also help the project by driving web traffic to it. Things like commenting, sharing, subscribing and telling your friends are great ways to also support this project.

Follow me on twitter too.


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