Pokemon Fan Card (Tulip) – Character Design

Order Number: FO3CE4FC1385

Lead Generated: Fivver.com

Client Name: Tkisch

Client Brief:

OK so this one will be a card all about our cat Tulip. I attached some pictures of her here and also I’ll tell you some characteristics about her just so you can get a better picture of her.

Very long and slender
Petit – only weight 5 pounds
Gray and white long hair
Piercing green eyes
Extremely sweet, innocent, cuddly and friendly
Always excited and curious, kind of clumsy, not so smart lol


Buyer Review:



Artist Statement:

This was one of those clients that dissapear for 3 months and then come back looking for revisions and changes, and new art for free. It’s upsetting because this was a big order that I put a lot of work and effort into. Regardless I like the art and it came out really well.

Image Gallery:


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