Pokemon Fan Card (Rustmillion)- Fan Art

Order Number: FO61690B8F208

Lead Generated: Fiverr.com

Client Name: Tkisch

Client Brief:

This is the revision we are gonna do for Rustmillions card. I figured since we are doing separate cards for the cats, we can make this one more just about him. We can leave the illustration but I’ll send you some different info we can change on the card maybe, I’m not exactly sure yet.


Buyer Review:



Artist Statement:

It’s a real shame when this happens with orders that they fall off and the buyer leaves unhappy because they forgot about the project or put it to the side for a couple of months. It’s alright to do that, everyone in entitled to their projects, but the issue is when the creator falls off the project, does not return messages and then come backs demanding things. Usually that just ends in the artists  leaving the project and moving on and the creator has to stop in their tracks or start all over again with a new artist, spending even more money in the long-run.

Art requires passion, dedication and time. From both the client and the seller.

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