Pokemon Fan Cards (Leo) Character Design

Order Number: FO480F1D4901

Lead Generated: Fiverr.com

Client Name: Tkisch

Client Brief:

The second card is going to be about our other cat Leo. He is pretty much the opposite of Tulip

very big- 12 pounds
extremely fluffy long luxurious hair
Blazing amber eyes
Orange and white
Extremely smart
stubborn and spoiled
Doesn’t like strangers
Hard outside, Big baby on the inside

Buyer Review:


Artist Statement:

This one is the last in the series of Pokemon Fan Cards, until we get back a couple of years ago when I first met this client and they asked for the original card that inspired the next order. Originally they asked for a similar card but instead of 3 characters in 3 cards, they asked for 3 characters in 1 cards. I remember I even got it laminated and sent their way.

Image Gallery:

Leo Pokemon

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