The Girl that took the money

Hello and welcome to another edition of the MabsArts blog. Today I will be sharing my experience with you on how I became a seller on Fiverr, made a killing (for a while) and then almost got killed (not really) by a Hurricane. Let’s dive right in…

This blogpost is part of a series.

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Part6: The First Fall

Part7: The Girl that took the money






This part of the story I will gloss over quickly, as the relationship and it’s inner details are not as important as the overall impact it had in my career as a freelancer, but essentially;


I met a girl on online, and we hit it off from the first day, I invited her over, and we talked all through the night and morning, after that day it seemed we were destined for each other. She started visiting more, and more, and more, and more until she started leaving her toothbrush in my bathroom. My roommate was happy with her presence, and all seemed to be going well, until the inevitable happened, and she lost her job. This meant that she could no longer afford her own apartment and in an attempt to (what my mom would later chastise me about) save her, from being homeless. I offered to help her move in, and a job in my freelancing endeavors. It was innocent enough, I loved her I thought.  Surely all was going to be well, but I was wrong. I guess having no job, drove her into a bit of a panic.

Loving her; I did nothing but support her decisions, but it started tearing us apart, however the real issue began, just a couple of days after hiring her. I was to pay her a portion of my monthly sales for her help as an editor for my social media, my website, and with help on developing a sound business plan that I could hopefully take to investors in the future.

However the plans soon changed and I would more often than not spend the days teaching her how to do basic photoshop tasks instead of creating the art that was actually paying for my livelihood.

Dissatisfied with the relationship, and basically feeling like I was being taken advantage of. Her and I decided it was best to end it, and after paying her a large sum of money for what was supposed to be her second month working with me, she took the money and ran…


The weeks after the break-up were horrible. I had gone through so much that I literally could not sit down and work anymore. I was as depressed as can be, and on January 12 (a day after my birthday) I had to cancel $1,000+ on orders that had just come through on Fiverr, because I simply had no energy anymore. I could not sit down and work. Years of work had gone into Fiverr, buy my hear was broken and I could take it no more.


I needed rest, comfort and love, so I spent a couple of weeks with my parents (something that always re-energizes me), and I took it upon myself to never again lose my life and love for art for anyone or anything. I read, and read, and started meditating, and even had gotten back to work, my life was starting to get better again.


I saw the girl a couple of times after that, but during the next year or two, I did the best I could to distance myself from her and all the connections that lead back to her. I wanted a new life for myself, and I got it!


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