Making the River Rock

Hello and welcome to another edition of the MabsArts blog. Today I will be sharing my experience with you on how I became a seller on Fiverr, made a killing (for a while) and then almost got killed (not really) by a Hurricane. Let’s dive right in…

This blogpost is part of a series.


Living free and happy again, funded entirely by Fiverr orders, I was able to get my life in check again. No bad friends, no bad girlfriends, just me and my art.

Screen shot 2020-02-14 at 2.19.41 PM

I spent a long time working on my craft, getting more reviews, and more orders everyday. I was even able to make-up my horrible hiring mistake by employing two new artists to help me with the workload.

Both of them turned out great and I was thankfully back at a place I could call “Joy”.

riorock promo

All this good stuff, evolved into a little side project, that combined my art, my music and my business skills into a music/event production house where I would get together with my friends and create a whole 4hr show at a local bar every week. I did this for a couple of months, changing venue and doing bigger and better things each time.

Screen shot 2020-02-14 at 2.23.12 PM

At the last show I re-united with my middle school sweetheart, and started a relationship of which I am still in. (Almost 3 years strong now).

It was good, however little did I know that my safety was not meant to last…

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