3 Social Media Tactics for Success as a Freelancer

Currently I am using the following social media platforms; facebook, instagram, twitter, discord, and pinterest along with my website, local sales and fiverr to drive my freelancing business. Each social media channel has it’s own specific strategy and should be treated as it’s own beast to master.

With this said, my general tips for becoming successful on social media are as follows.

Follow the bests, and follow who follows the bests

If you are literally just starting out, my first suggestion is to find an account that is similar to yours in terms of audience, content and value, and check through their most liked and commented posts. You want to follow the people that are interacting with that account not just liking but liking and commenting. This is your target audience, it is important to understand that this only works when you are just starting out, it will help you put your content in front of the right people. If you are making quality content those people will turn around and share it, because they already consume it. After that, their followers will start following you, and you will be able to start truly building your community.

Keep track of who follows you and who interacts with you, you don’t want to be following thousands of accounts that don’t interact with your content. So instead keep it clean and neat, only follow the people that interact with you.

Groups or Collaborations

Join Groups that revolve around your niche market, your field of expertise and the preferences of your audience. Then create content that is easily shareable and consumable by those groups, essentially what you want is to position yourself as an expert in whatever field you are freelancing for. Provide tutorials, tips, graphics and fun content that members of those group can enjoy and share. The more you do this the bigger your standing in that community, this will put you top of mind when those group members are looking for your specific service.

An Active Lifestyle is key

Be active. Whether you choose to post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; you need to remain active. It is not enough to post once a week. Yet posting everyday can be too much to handle on top of your daily workload, that’s why I use a content management tool like Buffer to schedule all my posts. I just sit one day a month and load it with as much content as I want to promote, post and discuss. Then I let it run and answer the mentions, comments, and dms I get from it. This not only cuts the workload but ensures that my social media accounts are all happily and consistently updated. Which helps with follower growth and retention.

Now this does not mean that you can’t post spur of the moment things, not at all, instead you are free to do it and even when you don’t you already have the proper content going up, making your spur of the moment stuff even more valuable as it will truly have to be amazing for you to want to share it that instant and not pt it into your CRM.

At this point in my career I have closed hundreds of sales because of social media. Just today I experienced a wonderful reminder of the wonders of getting work through social media. About a year ago I created a logo for a client and today a year later not only is she still using it in almost all her posts but she went out of her way and shared it as a story on Instagram and tagged me, this wonderful experience happens many times a month. In part this is because clients in social media want to be able to share what they got made. Their in that mentality of sharing everything at all times, the wonderful thing about this is that I get free promotion, I can also share it on my account as well so that’s free content, and it even builds brand awareness cause now her followers know about me and if they ever want a logo they’ve already seen her recommendation about me. All of this adds up to a quickly rising business avenue for freelancers and small businesses alike. 

Hope you enjoyed this posts and get some useful information for your next social media post. Till next time, follow me on social media as @antoniomabs.

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