Comic Reader App Beta 2.0 Release

If you are a cartoonist or a webcomic artist, then this post is for you.

For the better part of last year and most of this year, I’ve been workingon a project that is meant to take your comic and turn it into an interactive online version able to be used on your website or posted to a site like Newgrounds. It started as a flash project, but as well all know Flash has been slowly dying off, thankfully with Newgrounds move to a more stable self-hosted flash player your rpoject will still work in Newgrounds, so not all is lost. In any regards I want to share with you the ey points that this software will offer for webcomic and cartoonists alike.

– Full Character Guide with individual images of your character, a small bio and and a character gallery.

– Page to page transition animations

Page to page transition animations

– Background music to help you dive deeper into the experience.

– Individual panel to panel movement controls.

Panel to Panel Movement

– Customizable UI

– Customizable Intro Splash Screen

– Flash Ad System for small monetization

– Two page Book Layout for ease of navigation

At the moment there is only one version of this project available and it features the Newgrounds Art Forum Battle Royal posts, turned into comics, however if you are an artists looking to take this for a spin and you still happen to have a Flash CS3 or Adobe Animate that still runs AS2, you can fill out this form and I can email you with your own project files for you to customize to your liking.

I’m hoping to release this final version later this year. With the completed comic and then begin porting the app into Unity so we can use it in HTML 5 as well as IOS and Android.

Some of the other features I want to add to the software in future versions are:

– Panel to Panel Sound Effect Playback

– Full Page and panel to Panel Animation

– Social media sharing of a single panel, page, and strip directly from the app.

– Automatic Page and Panel Upload

– Easy to customize features right on the app.

– Clickable hidden secrets right on the pages

I’m also very open to other suggestions so if you’re a comic artists with a few thoughts on what would be some good features to add to this project, let me know down in the comments section.

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