Interview with Cartoon Artist- @davidketchersideart

Tell me a little bit about yourself, about your life? Where did you go to school, and what classes did you study (if any)? What helped prepare you to become the artist that you are today?

I have been a freelance part time artist for 20 years. I studied at Art Institute of Seattle (when is was still around) but really developed my current style while learning from my favorite artists off of YouTube and Instagram. Being able to move to digital drawing and work on the move has really made life so much easier. I’ve always loved children’s illustration and corny humor. As much as I try I always find myself back into campy drawing and jokes.

How do you go about designing a new piece of art, and what goes through your mind, from start to end?

I look through inspiration from daily life, dnd sessions, or online prompts. Really anything I find a little humor in I start developing in my head. First phases are just visualizing it In my brain pan before I move to paper or to digital. The beautiful thing about procreate is that I can just start working ideas and angles out till I find something I’m happy with. Then I work in layers and play with color until I’m fairly happy with the results. When working with real materials like watercolors or plywood it’s much the same however I spend more time doing thumbnails and sketches.

What is a typical day for you, and who are the people you work with?

I work a “normal” 40 hour job so I typically only have a few days a week I can spend working on art. When I work I work and develop everything alone.

What are some of the things that you have worked on?

I worked on a few independent video games and logo design for local companies. For now I have a neighborhood “positivity” project painting positive messages to put out in the neighborhood. I also have a web comic I am developing in hopes to start releasing it in 2021.

Is there a character or illustration you have done that you are most happy with?

The art I put out into the community has been my favorite. I love spreading a little love and bringing joy to the community.

What projects are you working on now? (if you can tell us)

Just personal projects nothing for any companies.

Who are some of your favorite artists out there?

Bill Watterson, Scott Kurtz, Brad Guigar, Dave Kelley, Jake Parker, Will Terry, Kris Straub, Mike from PVP, really so many to mention who I love.

Could you talk about your process in creating your art, as well as the types of tools or media that you use?

I always noodle my way through the design and visualize what I may want. Then it’s moving to thumbnails and sketches to zero in on the idea. Lately I do a lot of digital work on the iPad with procreate but I also work in watercolor and on plywood with acrylic paint.

What part of designing is most fun and easy, and what is most difficult?

I love the inking portion of my process and love it but I struggle at colors and choosing a palette.

What are some of the things that you do to keep yourself creative?

Watch Instagram, keep watching tutorials and learning, and listening to podcasts with artists. I’ve also jumped on Tik tok to watch other artists and share my work.

What are some of your favorite characters from other creators that you enjoy?

There are so many. My art room is filled with art books, and paintings I’ve picked up at different cons.

What is your most favorite subject to draw? And why?

Monsters and weird creatures. Because who doesn’t like making strange new things?

What inspired you to become an Artist?

I’ve drawn every since I was a kid. It was the only outlet I have for getting ideas and images out of my head.

What are some of the neat things you have learned from other artists that you have worked with or seen?

I’ve learned a lot about line control from watching comics like Penny Arcade. Sometimes it’s things you learn that you don’t realize you are learning until suddenly you can make an image you couldn’t have made before.

What wisdom could you give us, about being an Artist? Do you have any tips you could give?

Volume. You just have to draw a lot and draw often. If you find something getting repetitive then switch it up. Find another media, or play with another genre. Also take the time to learn new skills and ideas from other artists. Podcasts and YouTube are fantastic resources.

If people would like to contact you, how would you like to be contacted?

Through Instagram @davidketchersideart or email

Finally, do you have any of your art work for sale (sketchbook, prints, or anything) for people that like your work can know where and when to buy it?

Nothing up yet but I can do commissions and I hope to put up an Etsy sharp in the next couple of months.

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