Newgrounds Rumble Reveal Art

Finished Painting
3D Zoom Pan

My favorite 6 Newgrounds characters going head to head in the newgrounds rumble game.

One of my more complex paintings, I usually don’t do pieces with so many characters, but it was a blast to make this one. I wish I could have fitted in more characters, but maybe I can do that on another piece, for now have my top 6s.

Pico, Alien Hominid, DadnMe, Captain and the blue castle crasher.

I love fighting games specially when it revolves NG characters. So I took my two favorite things and recreated a street fighter poster with these ng classics.

For the Rumble Reveal Contest.

Gonna leave this here in hopes of manifesting a site art commission from Tom some day :3

Mockup Newgrounds Site Art

Last but not least here’s a work in progress gif for this piece. Took roughly 10hrs about 6sessions on it.

Work in progress Gif Art

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