One Month in the NFT Landscape Recap

Hello and welcome to a new post on the MabsArts blog I am happy to have you here and I thank you for reading the words that I write on this screen, that makes me infinitely joyful.

Well like the title says, it’s been about 1 month, well really 24 days to be exact, of me being in the NFT space through the eco-friendly blockchain Harmony One. Yes, you heard that right. Eco-friendly, this is not a paid promotion or anything so I’m just gonna quote Leigh Matthews from Leafscore’s explanation on why they are eco-friendly real quick.

“The Harmony platform uses sharding and FBFT consensus algorithms to increase speed and security and reduce the amount of energy required per transaction. This makes Harmony a fairly green cryptocurrency and blockchain.”

Pretty cool right, well yeah using their Davinci Gallery NFT marketplace, we can easily mint with basically gasless fees, whilst also lowering our carbon footprint and still participate from evolving technologies. With that in mind, let’s talk about what we’ve been able to accomplish during the last 24days in this environment. Keep in mind this is not my job, just a fun hobby I’m embarking into that will ultimately allow me a lifestyle of financial freedom where I can put all the terms to how my art is used, and remove myself slowly but surely from the freelance lifestyle of creating art for other people instead of creating art for myself exclusively, which at least for me is the Magnum Opus of my work in the art spheres to wake up each day with an idea and be able to successfully, act on this idea without intruding thoughts of financial objections. Lovely thought that can hopefully be achieved for everyone looking to one day do this as well, these blogs serve in that purpose, to document my progress, my successes and failures in hopes that others and myself may learn from such things, making our lives and our explorations into these spaces a little easier.


To start things off let’s do a revisit our previous project Cryptos4Charity, this being one of the flagship projects that would launch me into the NFT space.

I loved working very much on these pieces and the altruistic nature behind the pieces really made me cheery. Whilst none of them have sold yet, which is completely understandable considering my “newness” to the environment, I do believe that I will sooner rather than later sell the first if not all three as I continue creating and documenting such creations.

MabsGenerative Art Project

The other flagship in this expedition has been the Generative Art Project.

These 3 pieces of generative art have all sold out. These are my first actual pieces of NFT art the first 3 pieces I ever launched into the space with. The first one sold pretty much the first day. They are also my first utility NFTs. These 3 pieces act as a free pass to 1 airdrop on every project created with the Generative Art App, an app I developed to mix and match assets that I hand-drew into new unique combinations.

Generative Gorditos

Generative Gorditos

I created 30 of these crazy guys, and after that deleted many of the assets. Making them truly unique characters. The goal of these pieces are actually for people to be able to collect and flip my artwork at relatively low prices, considering that my continued growth and creativity will no doubt increase the value of my art over time, these inexpensive pieces can help newcomer collectors get in on the game without having to spend hundreds of dollars on my bigger more complicated pieces. I’ve sold a couple of these already and people are having fun with them, so that’s great. If you want your own Gordito, feel free to click the link above on the video’s caption.

MarsColony Avatars Submission

Experimenting with the MabsNFTGEN app, I was also able to create a series of spacemen that I’ve submitted for approval to be the official Mars Colony avatars (a game that runs on the Harmony One blockchain)

MarsGenerative Colonizers

Whilst there is a high chance that I don’t win, I still will sell these. I love how they came out and the art is so cute that I can’t wait to also turn them into stickers. Already experimenting with that utility of attaching stickers to the purchase of the NFTs. The last 3 Gorditos will come with a pack of all 30 Gorditos for people to stick on everything they like, stay tuned for that soon.

MabsMusic NFTs

I’ve also been experimenting with minting my songs in three different ways. The first two are actually me minting the NFT songs (actual mp3 file) whilst the last one is me minting the cover art for one of my songs. This is a very interesting way of distributing music and whilst I am still learning about the ins and outs of it, it is not dissimilar to minting art on the Davinci marketplace. Still learning about the copyright legalities of selling an NFTof your song though. Is it legally like selling a collector’s edition or does the owner now also hold the copyright to the song? Can they put it on the radio or would they still have to pay royalties. Interesting stuff to read up on. If you know, do comment it down below.

So we’re launching a Virtual Gallery soon, the goal is to keep it open throughout the whole year and into perpetuity, slowly making improvements on it as well as rotating the art that will be displayed on it.

MabsArts Virtual Gallery

You can check it out on the link above. It is however not officially launched as we are still making improvements to our Davinci Wing, this wing of the gallery which can be accessed through the door on the left when you spawn, is planned to feature art from different artists in the gallery, all of them part of the DavinciGallery Marketplace and the Harmony One eco-system. The artists will be featured on a 3month basis and will be written on this blog along with a link to where people can buy their pieces. This is to not only engage with the Harmony one collector’s community but also to provide free promotion for other great artists in the marketplace. Give back to the community that gives to you. Feel free to explore the gallery in the meantime while we continue building and revising it for the final release during February.

Other NFT experiments

Here are a collection of other pieces I’ve also minted as NFTs, did some short animations minting, paintings, even held an auction. Cool stuff to do in this platform and with the gasless fees, it’s almost limitless how many things you can do here.

Painted a Virtual reality Mural using Kingspray. Celebrated New Years, painting a freeform piece.

I’ve had all sorts of plans at the moment on how I can continue to grow in this new space, but things are looking hopeful indeed. Just cool stuff all around. Thanks for reading this recap blog and I hope you enjoyed all the cool stuff we’re making. If you saw something you liked and would like to pick it up as an NFT, you can check out all my work here.

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