Impromptu Musings of an earthbound astronaut

White and Black Ball on Brown Sand

During the last 4 years of my life. I must say that I perhaps have not been through the best of times. However, there is a light that shines deep within the tunnel of self-discovery, pain, and loneliness.

There is no such thing as “THE ONE”

Society will have you believe that you are a half being, devoid of happiness until you find that other part that is supposed to make you complete. I disagree wholeheartedly, I’ve come to understand that love is definitely something you work on, something that can be had by anyone, something that can be given to anyone yet one should be very mindful of who one loves, for in loving without focus we can forget ourselves, and that’s the truest sins. So instead I ponder that the whole notion of “the one” is but a facade perpetuated by a society that does not face the tough work of loving everyone, loving everyone equally.

Now how can we love everyone? And is it even a good idea?

Well no. We should not venture to love, care for and help everyone without first arming ourselves with the knowledge and wisdom of the self. The love for who we are in our entirety. Pure love is transcendent, pure love is eternal, pure love is magical, but fear… fear poisons relationships, fear makes us doubtful, and these emotions throw us out of wack. They make us argue, they make us jealous, they hurt us and fuel the fire of the bridges we burn throughout life. Fear cannot be in the presence of love, for love is a big yes! Whilst fear is a big no! Two opposites of the spectrum cannot coexist without one coloring the other with its properties. The water cannot be clean when there is oil inside of it.

So no, there is no, “the one” there is only you with yourself. And your best relationship will be made real to you once you are ready to value it and most importantly when you become worthy of it.

You Are Worthy of Love Signage on Brown Wooden Post Taken

Find first true self-love, self-respect, confidence, and kindness with yourself and then with others.

I like the idea that the reason we are attracted to other people in this material existence is that we are all interconnected and in the vast multiverse there is a chance that, that person you deeply have feelings for is living a different life with an alternate version of you, or a variant as marvel would call it. In a way, we are all in a big relationship, but some of our relationships are not as present in this dimension as they might be in that other dimension. However, the goal here is not to try and covet that other dimension but rather live with the fact that it is happening and that in this dimension your job as the variant for which that specific relationship is not present is to still love and care for those other people, but only to the extent for which this specific incarnation can do it. Live your life and if you can, help others live theirs.

Magick is real

If anything. I’ve learned that there is much much much more than meets the eye in this universe. This planet has a lot of interesting religions and all are worth their own research. I suggest you figure out what works for you and construct your own spirituality. We’re in the era of knowledge. So use that power, and figure out who you want to be and what kind of person you want to be, and go do it.

The only rule, remember that everyone is a reflection of you, hurt the other, hurt the self.

Spooky witch among candles during ritual

When we talk about Magick we are not talking about illusionists or tricks performed by people like Criss Angel. When we talk about Magick we talk about the rituals we perform in our lives that make or break us. We are talking about the spiritual force that makes people twitch and dance with joy in churches. We are talking about that person that always seems to brighten the day when they come in contact with others, and conversely those people that always bring others down. That is Magick, in the words of the Millenials, the “vibes”. That is the true magick, the crazy coincidences that happen throughout our days that unless we are tapped in and conscious of the magical world around us we seem to dismiss and ignore.

Only those that believe will see evidence for which to believe more. When we talk about magick we talk about the law of attraction and how like attracts like. Think good thoughts and good things will happen. Think bad thoughts and bad things will come into your life. Think nothing at all and you are free of karma and the ever-present struggle of duality.

Meditation and the “Quietessence” of being

The society in which we live is one of constant noise pollution. Everyone is blasting music, screaming, talking all so they can escape the quietness that is inside us. It is through this silence that we can become free, it is by walking through the void that we reach the light.

Often we are being thrown around by the wind from one activity to the other, I myself have done this for a long time as well. Keeping my mind preoccupied with work so I didn’t have to face the through beingness of my soul. The decisions I’ve made whether good or bad cannot be processed inside the cacophony of my mind. For this meditation was developed to help the mind reach silence, a state that allows us to process, understand and learn at much higher degrees than we normally would.

Why then if our minds need silence to reach peak performance, does society hurl so much noise at us? Sadly I cannot turn away from the fact that it is not good for our capitalist world to let us think too much. Thinkers are doers, and action brings change, change can destroy governments. Unless our goal is to be the best we can actually be and we start working towards building a society that wants that for us, we will never be allowed in our waking hours to actually rest and relax. I don’t mean sleep, I mean actually, stop and do nothing, let the inner workings of the universe traverse without our constant handling of things our constant lesser human inputs.

Woman On Body Of Water

If anything I hope that you take some time off your daily routines to just relax and meditate a little. Let thoughts dissolve and wither away the stress of your day, I hope today you learn to let go and enjoy the silence that is the endless river of knowledge that runs through you. The wisdom of planetary systems and ancestral lineages. Bathe in the waters and calm your inner being for action without deep thought only brings disaster and ruin, only the clear-minded will survive the daily battles that ravage our existence.


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