@Newgrounds Flash Forward Jam- Trophy Collab

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good year so far! I’ve started working on a project I’ve wanted to do for a while now. It is in all essence a medal vending machine. You use a little coin and you get a new medal.


It works on mobile and is pretty simple to use, and since it actually gives you Newgrounds medals, one can keep coming back for more. Cool little gadget. Now here comes the fun part, from what I’ve read and understand the limit per project is of 500 medals or 500 points. Meaning each medal costs 1 point, and we need 500 original freaking cool medals to put into this machine.

That’s where you come in. If you… YES YOU! Create a trophy at 1080 x 1080 px with a transparent background and a little base and plate for it. Like this example:

I’ll add your medal to the machine.

Feel free to share your work in progress here, because I know I will. This is definitely a work in progress but since the Flash Forward Jam ends next month and I have several projects I’m working to submit we have to get this out fast.

The deadline is Feb 28, I’m hoping we get at least 100 trophy submissions. If we can get the full 500 even better, but yeah 100 is a good goal for the alpha.

Of course, with such a big project and so many artists, it is impossible to split the money if we end up winning the jam. I think it’s best if we just don’t submit it for any money, and instead, we just make it for fun, to have it as an entry in the category, and to collaborate on something. It’s been a while since I do a collab and I’ve been thinking about this one for a while.

Feel free to check some of my other collabs here:

Last but not least, let’s talk about what you need to deliver.

1- Your Profile Picture, circle format, title it with your Newgrounds Name.

2- Your Trophy Image, high-res 1080 x 1080, transparent background with base and plate 100MB or less. Title it Like this:

(Name of Trophy- Newgrounds Name)



3- The Description of your trophy:

Name of Artist:

Name of Trophy:

Tweet Length Description of Trophy: 140 characters roughly.

All of this will be submitted to a drive folder through this google form.

Right now there is a preview of the gadget. You can preview it here.

I am still working on it but yeah it has ton of potential and with everyone’s art it will become 10x better. So yeah let’s get it.

Looking forward to seeing what you create.


This is optional, but if you got time and wanna do some more stuff. You can also design your InfoPlate. I will make a couple of them and add them into a randomizer. Just send a rectangle with an extra box inside it for the info. You can do whatever you want but keep the inside box mostly clean for the text to be readable.


You might notice that the background looks rather familiar. iu_546910_2732189.png

This is because I’ve been thinking for a while on this alternate dimension Newgrounds story that I want to bring to life through the things that I post here, with this and The Funk King , and some soon to come out projects. I want to tell a post-apocalyptic story about the Newgrounds world, slowly fitting new characters in and new ideas. I love the tankmen world so that’s the time we’re in on all these projects. As the tankmen explored the desolate desert landscape of war-ridden earth, they stumble upon this unscathed, pristine condition Trophy Vending Machine created by Mabs the Mustached Man. And there so happens to be a coin on the ground… Do you want a trophy?

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