What to do when a project gets out of scope

Sometimes, you take on a project, and it’s a really great project. Something you really think will help you become a better artist. Sometimes, you take it for much less money than you normally would, maybe it’s because you believe an opportunity like this will never come to pass again, so you jump at the chance to take it.

 I understand that, I now know that it’s false thinking and you shouldn’t be taking projects for less money than your time is worth, because if you do that only one thing will happen. The project will definitely get out of scope.

What does “getting out of scope mean”?

Imagine you go to a bridal planner and tell them that you only invited 10 people to your weeding. She works hard to deliver a small weeding for only 10 people. She is confident she can deliver, she starts working, but then you realize that you’re a very sought out person, so your 10 friends invited 10 friends each,they all want to see you. Now you have a party of 100 people,but only a party for 10, what do you do? You tell your bridal planner, she has to take care of it, because that’s her job. Now she has to go back and re-plan everything for 100 people. If you’re a smart person, you charge the new work. If you happened to take the payment first because you thought it would be smooth sailing, now you’re stuck making a 100 people party for no money.

That’s the way it goes, that’s the way scope issues can affect your business. Not only do you waste time, but you also waste money.

If you’re like the second kind of bridal planner. Only one Advice. Finish the work, Over Deliver (you’re screwed anyways, might as well make it awesome), and never do this again.

If you’re smart, and would like to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Here are some tips to help you.

1- Implement a Pre-production phase in your process.

Research is both the answer to all problems and the result of all problems. If you don’t research your project and the tasks that need to be accomplished to make that project a reality, you will make a mess. So research everything first.

2- Make a plan, get everyone on page, stick to it.

Once you have researched you now have all the variables to make sure your project becomes a successs. So do it. Show the plan to the buyer. Get clear on deliveries and do your thing. Transparency can result all scope issues.

3- Charge what you’re worth.

Simple, don’t do projects out of fear, charge what you’re worth, do your best and trust that your clients will find you.

I hope this post helps you about Scope Creep and you can enjoy your life as a solo-peneur.

Goodluck, and stay tune for our next post.

Leave your thoughts down below.

With love,

Antonio (MabsArts)

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