Gotta Get It Done

Hello and welcome to the MabsArts blog. Today we will be discussing what to do when you’re in a time-crunch and really need to do get those to-do list items checked.

We as freelancers and entrepreneurs constantly working on improving ourselves and our business. We make task lists, track time, research new tools to improve our efficiency and we are constantly thinking of new ways to do what we do better.

This is an amazing trait to have as a professional, but as a human being it can be very stressful.

This is why instead of focusing all our attention in the tasks we have to complete or the new tools we need to get. We should take the time to clear out the negative blockages of perception we may have about our success.

I myself have found that I bite much more than I can chew and this can be a real problem in the future as it creates scope creep, unsatisfied buyers, and even cancelled orders. Which is why I’ve started affirming my way into success, and it’s worked great. I’ve been able to turn my negative ways around and I can happily say that my buyers are more positive, much more satisfied and I feel much less stress than what I once had.

All it took to change my ways, was to take a couple of seconds a day (whenever I felt the need) and repeat some affirmations over and over until they stuck and became my new norm. You can create your own affirmations for success or type success affirmations on pinterest and you’ll find tons, but today I will give you the very affirmations that carry me each day.

1- “All is well and all shall be well always.”

This one is amazing, not only does it help you in business but it helps you in life. It gives you a much needed perspective on difficult situations. When you’re in the heat of the moment, rushing to get your next project out or in the slumps because you missed a deadline, this affirmation can bring some fresh insight into your mind. Try it out as many times as you feel necessary.

2- “I attract wealth, prosperity and joy into my work-life.”

A couple of weeks of this affirmation and watch how you magically start attracting money into your life. This kind of attraction can range from little miracles like always finding coins in the street when you go out for walks (something that happens to me literally every day.) to more bigger miracles, like landing bigger clients with 5 figure budgets. Be warned, when money starts pouring in, do not think that it’s real. Money is not what we are here to accumulate, do not get greedy. You are here to live a rich life, and a rich life means helping others, you can’t go through life affirming money into your life and then hoarding it. That just won’t work, you have to participate in the natural flow of money energy. That means donating, helping, paying debts, giving forward.What you give out, you will receive multiplied.

3- “I love what I do and I do what I love.”

This affirmation is pivotal for the success of anyone, if you hate your job, nothing you do will change your displeasure. You need to work at the root of your issues, and that is your dislike for your job. Change that and your whole outlook on it will change. As entrepreneurs and freelancers most of us have the capacity to prepare our work environments before we start our tasks. Make sure you are creating an ambiance of love and productivity. Light an incense, put some inspiring music, put up some inspiring poster. Make it your task to enjoy your work, and watch your life change.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and will get something out of these affirmations. Let us know how it goes for you down in the comments section below.


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