Naked In the Garden Collection

The Naked In The Garden Collection:

This collection is literally one of my favorites. It is the first collection I ever created and is

deeply inspired by people I love.


The Golden Flower is directly influenced by the beauty of my partner and friend Erika Huertas. Not only is her physical beauty inspiring but her emotional beauty transcend boundaries of the body. I tried my best to capture both in her design, the flowers are a symbol of peace, love and clarity.

golden flower

Her beautiful golden hair is reminiscent of the abundance of joy she has brought into my life. Before her, I knew not what it meant to travel to expand ones personal and physical limitations. It is a true honor to love her and be in her presence. Creating this sticker is my way of remembering the deep impact her existence has in my life on a daily basis.


On the other hand, the Sleeping Flower is inspired not by the physical but by the spiritual experience of knowing and being friends with Natalia Cruz ( Being her friend I have learned countless things about myself, the universe and what it means to be a loving human being. In her presence I have felt the sweet caress of harmony, peace and most of all unconditional love. I am honored to have her be part of my life, to be her friend is a privilege that knows no bounds.

sleeping flower.jpg

Picture by @niasabe

I hope this more in-depth look behind some of my favorite designs inspire you to take a look at the collection and look at it with fresh eyes.

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