How a Rich Lifestyle can Enrich your Life

Being rich is much more than just money. Being rich involves a wider range of the human experience, it involves travelling, drinking, wine, food, friends, laughter, art, music, knowledge. Being rich is much more than just having an abundance of paper in your wallet or numbers in your bank account.

Being rich is about richness of the mind, richness of the soul, it’s about living a life that makes you happy and that allows you to make others happy as well. It’s as much about receiving as it is about giving.

Eating a cookie can be a rich experience. Going out to the movies can be rich experience. Because being rich or rather feeling rich is a mindset, not a finicial imperative.

This is to say, money does not equal wealth (richness) money is a means to measure your wealth. This erroneus perception we carry in our brains isthe essential block to all our money problems. It is not about what you have in your wallet, it’s about what you have in your soul. That will determine everything.

To say that money equals wealth would be like saying coffee cups equal coffee. That is erroneus, if you have a thousand coffee cups, a not a single coffee bean, no matter how hard you try you will never have coffee. You can have a billion trillion milllion dollars in your bed mattress, but if you’re not spending them enriching your life and the lives of other, then they’re as good as worthless.

In is then in your search for success that you must have this essentiality clear in your quest. Life a rich lifestyle and your money will adjust to it. Not the other way around. Not going out to have fun because you are stashing your money, literally defeats every sense of having money in the first place.

Now don’t get this wrong, I am not saying don’t save money. No by all means do save, but also have a budget that allows you to go out drinking, go out with your friends, go out to parties. Allow yourself a lifestyle full of rich experience. Heck sometimes the richest of experiences don’t cost a dime. Just go do the beach with a couple of friends and see how much fun you have. I assure you that atthe end of that day, you might be thinking “I got really burned today.” but money won’t be your issue at all.

Let us know what sort of activities you do to feel rich without it all being about money, down in the comment section below. One thing I really enjoy doing is going to local museum exhibition, it makes me so happy to be amongsts all those great works of art and it makes me feel great and fancy.


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