Creating Content for Fun and Profit (Intro)

Hello and welcome all to another session of the MabsArts blog. Today we will be discussing why you should be creating content, some ideas to start creating content aswell as a couple of tips for specific pieces of content.

What is Content in the digital age?

Content can be defined as a piece of information created with the intents of reaching an audience. This can be images, audio, videos, animations, or basically anything you’ve created and posted online for someone to see.

Who looks at content?

Literally everyone in the world. When the Internet age started, it was decided a top a secret mountain that it would be entirely run by content. You can see content in blogs, you can see content in youtube, gift, newgrounds, twitter, instagram, tumblr, wordpress, you can see content in words, images, sketches, pictures, comics, you can see content literally everywhere you look online. If you have any plans of being part of the online community, then you are going to be creating content. Heck some of you are already  doing it every time you post on social media.

Why should you create content?

The way it works is as follows. The Internet is a collection of material and intangable information. A database of human action and activity.To create content is to leave your hand-print on the fabric of history. Why wouldn’t you want that?

How to do it for fun and profit?

Oooooh, this is the juicy bit. You can take this content and have it make money for you, in forms of ad revenue, influencer marketing, and straight up selling  it.

Today we won’t be covering any of these avenues, as that’s a bit more advanced and the first thing you need to do is start creating the content.

What content should  I being creating?

The answer to this questions depends entirely on your strengths and skills. Here are 3 skills you and some ideas for what the could be creating.


  • Short animated videos
  • Progress Shots of your animations
  • Video diaries of your work days (vblogs/blogs)

Animators, you don’t have it easy at all. Youtube sucks, and not enough people are going to Newgrounds to assure a living for every animator out there. This is why if you plan to suceed in animation you need to do a bit of extra work. My best suggestion is to go small, plan for success baby. If you think that you’re just gonna create a 30 minute short film by yourself in your Mom’s basement and the moment you release it Disney’s gonna come knocking at your doors. You have it all wrong, I am sorry to say. Instead of going for that 30 minute short film, how about you make 10- 30 second shorts? That will be much more impactful to your audience, have you in the mouths and ears of people because you’re gonna be releasing content much more quicker than the animator that does the 5-year 30 minute short film.


  • Jingles, Theme Songs, Short Songs
  • Music Videos
  • Documentation of your creation process (pictures, blogs, videos)

Musicians, my babies, the people that really make it all come together. You guys and gals have it a bit more difficult. If you’re a musician you spend most of your time with an instrument in your hands, which makes it a bit more difficult to snap shots of your life, plus who’s gonna be taking photos when you’re up on stage? You can’t do it. YOU’RE UP ON STAGE!!! The trick here, is to be likable, kind and geniune. Garner yourself a loyal fanbase, at first this might just be your friends and family, but those are the kind of people that are both more likely to snap a picture of you cause they love you, and then to be recheable by you. Saw Uncle Tom take a picture of you on your last gig? Hit him up when you’re done and have him send you the picture, give him a shoot-out when you post it and you now got yourself cross-promotion with Uncle Tom and a nice piece of content for yourself.


  • Work in Progress Pictures
  • TimeLapses
  • Video Tutorials or Tips Videos

Artists, have it a bit easier than most when it comes to creating content, since being an artist is a lifestyle filled with other artists, exhibitions, expos and galleries. If taken advantage of, they have a literal endless stream of possible content. Just take your phone or camera everywhere and snap away.

Each of these ideas are great to get you started creating content on the internet. Once you have enough pieces of content you are well on your way to learning how to make money for fun and profit.

Quantity and Quality are key for your sucess with Content Creation, so make a lot of great stuff and watch your viewers increase.

Let us know what you think of Content Creation and what content you do, down in the comments section below.

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