MabsMarketing 101: SpitBalling Ideas

Hello and welcome all to another session of the MabsMarketing101. Today we will be discussing the idea of SpitBalling Ideas in order to create a buffer which we discussed on our last session (

In order to start brainstorming ideas for your buffer, you need to define a couple of topics of which you are going to talk about in your blog. Topics likes: business, love, motivation, meditation and other topics that resonate with both yourself and your core audience. This is what will give direction to your ideas and topics.

Once you’ve created a list of topics that resonate with you. A minimum of 5 topics is a great starting point. Mine are:

  • Love
  • Business
  • Mediation
  • Freelance
  • Art
  • Illustration
  • Mraketing

With this list, you can start coming up with posts titles. 3 titles per topic is a great start.


Love >

  1.  What is love and how to grow closer to it?
  2.  How can loving yourself help your business?
  3.  The New Story Of Love

Business >

  1. Life, Business, Balance
  2. Gain Better Customers, Gain Better Projects
  3. How Outsourcing can free your mind.

Once your topic titles are all set-out now you can start adding text and fleshing out your ideas. Remember to add pictures to make things more interesting, as well as adding lists and bullet points to group information.

This one’s a quicky, we hope you’ve enjoyed it and that this post helps you in your journey to becoming a great blogger. Keep on writing.

With love,

Antonio (MabsArts)

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