Advice on Marketing your Shirt Designs

Recently a friend asked me for some advice on selling and marketing shirt designs as an independent artist. I hope you find my suggestions helpful as I hope he does too.

3 questions to get your mindset right:

1. Do you have a lot of friends and family that support you?

Sending a link to your shop their way can get you some friendly sales or at the very least some shares on social media.

The biggest sharers of my work are my friends. Many of them have even bought my merch.

2. How can you leverage your online presence to better serve your shop?

This is a good question to ask because sometimes we spend yeara building an audience on a completely new platform when we already have followers on other platforms. Figure out in what venue more people are already engaging with you and focus your efforts there.

One last bit of advice, if you’re looking to start your path of passive income, go with a site that gives high revenue. If you go with a site that gives too litle, you might not be motivated to market or create art for that platform.

3. What other talents can you use to help yourselve stand out better from other designers?

This can apply to a while spectrum of things. Maybe you’re good at music, so you can wear your merch to your own shows, or while you play your songs on instagram. Perhaps you animate and can make some cool cartoon shorts wearing your new shirt. Things like that, combine your talents and stand out from the crowd.

For small items like stickers and mugs, and for clothing I go with Printful

Check out my shops while you are at it. I’ve manage to expand my sales directly to possible buyers using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Most sales come from my Instagram since it’s such an image heavy site, but that’s info for another day.

Hope this illuminates your path into passive income ever so slightly.

Check out my stores while you’re at it 🙂

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