Banner Art (Caricature)

Order Number: FO811D969C863
Lead Generated:
Client Name: sebglobal
Client Brief:

Step 1: Let’s finalize the face first
Step 2: Let’s create the “stream of thoughts” with a bunch of little designs.

I want to make sure we include the following illustrations:

-Pencil finishing drawing a Light bulb
-Venice Sign
-Stick figure or guy surfing
-Stick figure or guy snowboarding
-Soccer ball
-Stick figure or guy meditating

Words (Very small):

Buyer Review:

Antonio did an excellent job on my personal branding email banner that illustrated my face plus a ton of other small illustrations. He was extremely detail oriented and patient with my revision rounds and kept going until he got it perfect. He also speaks perfect English. Highly recommend!

Artist Statement:

This was a very fun project. I love making caricatures of people, it is a very fun endeavor for me. I love illustrating the subtle nuances of the faces and how noticing how people are all very different from one another. Being able to then go on to create the full body and supporting items is very fun for me.

Image Gallery:

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