Pal Chinchorreo 2 (Character Illustrations)

Order Number: FO150C6274F2

Lead Generated:

Client Name: Adria Bermudez

Client Brief:

hola. please termina el dibujo del perrito en carrito. sin las letras. solo la imagen. png transparent background. 300 dpi. (for print quality). te envie imagen x q no permite enviar texto solo.

Buyer Review:

Super Cute and Very Responsive.

Artist Statement:

What a delight when clients follow my process and do not want to control everything. After I created the sketches, they happily picked a design they loved and I proceeded to complete their illustration in a timely manner with colors using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I’m a huge fan of an image going from sketch to final in a seamless way.

Image Gallery:

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