New Year’s Resolution 2020 for MabsArts

Hello and welcome to a new blogpost on the MabsArts blog. Today we are going to be talking about New Year’s Resolutions and how they can help you focus your efforts during the year.

Last year was a bit hectic for me, things like PASPAS, Pintando Futuro and a bunch of other projects snuck up on me and had me sewing, painting, and animating all throughout the day and night, but in this process I understood the importance of making plans and sticking to them in order to achieve great things.

It is why this year I’ve decided to lay out a proper plan for my artistic endeavors, that starts with 10 goals I would like to accomplish by the end of the year.

Those goals are as follow and in no particular order:

1- Release First Issue of Valle De los Muertos

2- Release First Playable Demo of Moai

3- Get 50 orders a Month on Fiverr

4- Release to the Google Play and Ios Marketplace

5- Pilot Episode Oi & Duo

6- Get the whole year ready on Podcasts

7- Complete all 12 Mabsnimations

8- Pilot Mr.Mabs & Friends

9- Release 3 Music Videos this year

10- Incorporate my whole business

11- Sticker Services Business (Thriving)

12- 10 Monthly Sales of MabsArts Merch

13- 500 Youtube Active Followers

14- 3,000 Social Media Fans (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

15- 50 Member Discord Chat

16- 10 Monthly Patreons

17- Develop 5 Shovelware Apps Under MabsArts App & Games

18- Quit Smoking

These 18 goals are in line with my highest self. The way I can truly know this, is by closing my eyes and imagining what my life would look like the next year. I suggest you do this as well, take some time out of your day. Close your eyes and imagining what future you would look like. I know we can’t really see the future, but imagining things like this will help us visualize what it is we want in our life, and doing so will uncover goals, milestones and steps we can take towards achieving this greatness. So close your eyes and imagine your best possible life, the write it down.

I’ve gone ahead and done this for myself, and I know feel much more organized within myself. To go a step further I would like to highlight 4 goals that once completed will without a doubt take me to the next level in my journey. I suggest you do this for your goals as well as this will allow you to establish priority and it will help guide your path.

The first goal I will highlight is releasing the first issue of my comic, Valle De Los Muertos. I’ve had this goal in my mind for a while, I actually remember I start writting the first scripts for this project back in 2018, so it’s been a bit of a long time coming for me to finish this project. Thankfully I am now at a position where I can self-publish a small run of books as well as confidently create the art for this project, so this year I promise myself to release the first 25-30 page issue of Valle De Los Muertos, a post-apocalyptic Zombie comic. The first of many to come.

The reason this resonates so strongly with me, is because I am a huge fan of comic and have been since I was very young, so being able to publish my comic will not only deepen my love for it but it will also put me on a path that I’ve forever been looking forward to, and that is the path of being a comic creator. Something I’ve had very little experience with but have always dreamed about.

The second goal I would like to highlight is, releasing the first playable demo of Moai; An Interactive Experience.


I love videogames, making and playing them, but for a long time now I’ve had this story in my hear I’ve been wanting to tell. Moai is the story of a Stone Statue that comes to life to bring peace,growth, and abundance to his world and the world of others.


The very first instance of this project in my life, was way back in 2007 when I drew for the first time what would much later become the main character of the game. A story so deep in my heart is starting to see the light of day through game design, and after about 6 months of work, Moai is finally starting to become what I’ve always envisioned. There is still a lot of work left to do, but this year, hopefully around the Summer I will be able to release the very first playable alpha for others to play and give feedback on. This is something I am highly anticipating.


And is the second creation milestone I would like to achieve this year.


The third goal I am going to highlight, is a more financial one, and can definitely be summed up with:


“Make more money” however I feel that goals need to be specific, they need to actually have some though behind it. That is why my goal is to:


3- Get 50 orders a Month on Fiverr is the main site where I get freelance art work, so being able to up my numbers on there will surely help me make more money in the long term, and by aiming for a monthly goal I can ensure that I am building a platform that is able to generate large amounts of income in a rising manner.


This goal of making more money, can also be seen in some of my other resolutions for the year, like:


12- 10 Monthly Sales of MabsArts Merch

16- 10 Monthly Patreons


However because Fiverr is where it’s at, that is going to be my primary focus whilst the other goals will come secondary to the main endeavor. Establishing priority among your goals, will help you decide what to do now, instead of balancing several things at a time, you can be dedicated and focused on achieving your primary objective.


Lastly and to close off the episode I would like to talk about a goal that has been hurting me for a while now, and perhaps it hurts you to and you too can find some ways of achieving it this year.


It is no secret that smoking kills, and whilst it can be a great way to reduce your anxiety at a moment’s notice, the adverse effects it can bring are far too dangerous to be the only source of stress relief. That and many other reasons are why this year I am committing to:


18- Quit Smoking


I’ve been a daily smoker for over 5 years now, and whilst I thankfully do not have any problematic health conditions I know that if I continue to do it for the rest of my life, I will suffer adverse consequences. Thus this year I am starting small, because I have seen that the best way to quite one habit is to supplement it with another. So instead of smoking in the morning, I’ve started playing video games as soon as I wake up, this usually puts me in a good mood throughout the day and helps me cut out the morning smokes, slowly and softly lowering my need to smoke throughout the year.


If you to are wishing to quite smoking this year, I suggest you sit down and figure out what you can be doing to lower the need for that next cigarette. As part of my Quitting Smoking goal, I am also upping the amount of exercise I do a day, things like exercise, running, and yoga can detoxify the body whilst also helping you reduce stress in a positive and healthy manner.


So go out there and live your best life! 2020 is the year for you, and for me. Let’s go be the best versions of our selves together.


Have a wonderful year, and Namaste. I love you.

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