The Secret Journals of Mushie Island

Jimbo Jombulus son of an explorer

Hi, I’m Jimbo Jombulus the fourth. My father Jim Jombulus was the legendary explorer to first discover the mythical Mushie Island, he wrote all sorts of books about this wonderful place yet because he knew not how to capture images of this place no one ever believed him that it existed. When he died he let me in on a little secret…

On his deathbed Papa Jim said to me in a shrill voice “Jimbo, Mushie Island is close to Australia, you must sail out of Sidney and go north, south for 3 hours, then 3 hours to the west and 2 hours to the south again, you will see before you a rocky island that obstructs your path. Find the area of least resistance and let your boat be carried by the current. It will take you inside a cave that allows you to pass through the rocky island and behind that rocky formation you will find Mushie Island. Go there! Go there and document it! Take your wonderful painting skills and show the world this wonderful place, the Mushies need you, the world needs to know the truth.”

After that, he passed out… He woke up later and ate some hamburgers then that night he died of high cholesterol, it was a shame.

Well, I took my trusty watercolors and some nice brushes and I set on my way with nothing but a backpack and a death wish.

Jimbo’s Journal

Jimbo’s Journal is a black Moleskine sketchbook filled with many colorful pages as well as creme-colored note-taking pages. This book serves as a sketchbook for documenting the creatures found on Mushie island as well as taking notes on what they look like and where they are found. Jimbo found 15 species of Mushies on Mushie Island, he documented them clearly in the following pages.

Bighead big smile, this is the first Mushie in MushieLand. Always joking around and finding joy in life. If you want an adventure this is your guy. Definitely a fun guy 😉

Three-headed joyous fella. Extra smelly, with a big belly. Moves like jelly, always merry.

Spider Mushroom, this little boy measures 2′ tall and is a digger. He dwells in caves and went scared pops out of his little make-shift hole and runs away to a new hidden spot using his 6 root-like spider legs.

The 4th page of the explorer’s journal reveals a small female Mushie that runs very fast. Often away from green iguanas that try to eat her. They possess a long nose similar to an ant-eater, they also eat ants. The roots of her body form a sort of root skirt that protect her fast legs from the sun while she runs.

Found atop hills and near lakes, this Mushie is a scary one. Not only is he a poisonous guy but his legs also work as stings. First Carnivorous Mushie found on Mushie Island.

This is the shooter Mushie, he spits balls from his mouth and averages 6 feet tall. Often found in hilltops and in companies of 3 or 4. Although friendly if provoked he will shoot you with his slimy pellets.

Found near lakes, rivers, and beaches, this smelly Mushie is one heck of a biter. Their ball-like body and strong root-like legs, allow them to slide around the sand with ease. While they are small, they possess strong chompers capable of ripping through bones. They are also known for sucking the blood of hermit crabs and small fish. Their long stalks allow them to breathe in shallow waters.

Big Boi Mushie, this big boi packs a punch. He’s strong, bulky, and beefy. Be careful as he likes to throw rocks at unsuspecting people. You can often find them at the top of hills as their small bodies make them rather easy to kick, they enjoy being up top a hill near rock banks. They are protectors so whenever they attack you know there is a rare Mushie around.

Long Distance Runner Muahie, this bad boi can run for hours on end. He never skips leg day actually he only does leg day. Be very careful they will kick you, and you will not survive.

Poisonous Shooter Shoomux, found in swamps and rainy marshlands. While he is poisonous he is also very sensible and although gooey and slimy they’re a cutie! Snuggle up with them and they will love you forever. Vex them however and lose your head.

Long, tall, and stretchy this Mushie might look menacing, but they’re actually the quietest guys on the whole island. They just wave with the wind around beaches and coastal areas and watch the waves come and go. They have been known to stretch up to 5 feet tall. Safe to be around, not poisonous. Mellow.

The explorer Mushie is a nice one. He’s almost human, he’s kind and joyful like many of the other Mushies, and whilst he cannot speak my language he can definitely communicate. It’s almost as if he’s the most advanced species of Mushies on the Island. He’s been my tour guide for a couple of days and I’ve enjoyed spending time with them. I’m considering inviting them to explore my home country once this expedition concludes. They are very curious and their curiosity drives them everywhere they go, it is quite inspiring.

The Mystery Team Mushie is a pair of twin mushrooms always looking for their next big spy break. They’re not exceptionally bright, but their ant-like work ethic and sense of duty make them wonderful allies. They are small at 5″ but one of the smartest Mushies on the island. While they are not aggressive, they can be quite the trouble when there’s 100’s of them coming your way looking for their next clue.

This depressed mushroom is really sad. He’s overworked, tired of people stealing their ideas and making millions of them while they still have to work work work for pennies on the dollars. Definitely more talented than any other mushie on the island, smart as all heck but life just seems to keep punching them down over and over. Maybe they’re cursed.

Looks like someone has been on this island before and has been experimenting with the Mushies. This mushie possesses technology beyond its naturalistic capabilities, it is literally playing pong on his mushroom head. I don’t know what’s going on but he calls himself MES5, I wonder if there are other “Meses” and if he gave himself that name or if someone gave it to him. He’s playful and very smart, amongst other Mushies he’s a genius! He says he can get me out of the island, I will follow him. I wonder if my dad knew about this when he sent me…


This is a fictional guide book of a fictional place. Created by AntonioMabs using Adobe Photoshop and digital painting techniques. The original sketches for these characters were created in 2017 and later turned to nfts, each page is an nft on the Harmony One Blockchain through the Davinci Gallery Marketplace. Special credits to the wonderful people that made this book possible:






Check out the full collection here

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