Fiverr for Beginers: Where to Start

So you opened your first Fiverr account. You made your first gig, set your prices and added all the information that explain your services. You wait an hour, you wait two hours, you wait a day and still nothing. No new orders, what do you do?

This is a fairly common question among Fiverr Newbies. Below you will find 5 tips you can do after starting your Fiverr account that will help you get your first orders coming in.

Let’s dive in.

Buyer Requests

A buyer request is literally what it sounds like. It’s a request made by a buyer. These requests are updated almost by the minute. So many buyers on Fiverr post on a special page in the Fiverr website, the needs of their business.

You can find these requests under the “More” tab on your computer in the Fiverr website.

Screen shot 2020-01-15 at 1.53.47 PM


Or  under the selling tab on Mobile.


These buyer requests can be responded to by submitting a proposal that includes a brief description of your services, a custom quote and a delivery time. The proposal is then delivered to the buyer and if they look through your proposal and choose to contact you, you will be able to speak in more detail directly with the buyer.

Essentially the Buyer Request page is a page with leads that can be turned into clients if you write good proposals and the possible client enjoys your previous work.

It is important to also note that the amount of buyer requests you can send per day is 10, however if you are a Level 0 Seller (which every new Fiverr user starts at) you will only be seeing one or two buyer requests a day, some days none at all.


Once you level up, you’ll have access to the full list of buyer request which includes over 1,000 requests at any given time.


This is why it’s important as a Fiverr newbie to check the page regularly throughout the day and send proposals as often as possible. At this moment you are looking to build traction to your page, and even if the buyer does not choose to order from you. When they look at your gig page, the Fiverr system records it as one view, and the more views and engagement you have on your gig page the more favorable the Fiverr algorithm will be to you.

A popular gig will appear on the frontpage, and appearing on the front page of any Fiverr category can mean hundreds of buyers at a time.


BYOB on Fiverr does not mean “Bring your own Beer” although that’s probably what it means when Fiverr throws a party, but what it does stand for is “Bring your own Business”

This new Fiverr initiative is a great way for businesses and individuals that are already selling services or have an audience outside of Fiverr.

The tool allows you to send an invoice very similar to the custom offers you can send through the Fiverr system, but with the added caveat that you keep all the money from the transaction, unlike the standard order and custom offer where Fiverr will take a 20% cut from the full order price. This is because Fiverr wants you to integrate your current client base into their platform in order to advertise and hopefully get them to buy other gigs to grow their business using the Fiverr system. This platform works great for Fiverr Newbies because you can immediately start getting orders on your gig page, with clients that have known you for a long time and will leave you a positive review that will propel your gig page further and gather you even more buyers.

You can find the BYOB tool, right under the More tab in your Fiverr page:

Screen shot 2020-01-15 at 1.53.47 PM

Start integrating your customers today and grow your Fiverr business.

Here’s more information on the topic:


Gig Videos

Fiverr has a really need stat that will surely make you crack out your old camera and start recording your next Gig Video.



That is a huge number.

If you’re struggling to get orders and views on your gig page, crank out a good video explaining your services and watch the orders come in. I’m already working on production for my videos this year. Remember to not only add them to your gig page but also promoting them on social media and uploading them to youtube and vimeo for a bigger reach.

Here’s a great article written by Fiverr themselves on how to add and produce a great gig video:


Be Clear and Concise with your copy text.

Ad copy is a term that refers to the main text of a clickable advertisement, whether it is a contextual or a pay per click ad. The text of the ad copy is generally the second and third lines of an ad displayed on a search engine results page or any other web page, and is between the title and the display URL.

In Fiverr lingo, that means the gig description. Make it clear and concise to what you are selling and what you are offering. No need to explain your long time history that lead to you deciding to open a Fiverr gig. Instead keep in mind the client and your niche audience, and speak to them with authority and professionalism.

Here’s some tips on writing your gig description:


Social Media Marketing for Fiverr

To finish up this blogpost, let’s talk about Social Media and how to properly market on it.

Firstly, do not just post a link on Twitter telling people you need money or to buy your services. No one is going to see it and if they see it, they are not going to click it.

Instead you need to write in a way that adds value to your possible customer. You can entertain people, or you can educate them. You can also do both, however whatever you do, do not waste people’s time.

Entertaining marketing could be something like a quick funny comic that shows what your life looks like as a Fiverr Seller with a link to your fiverr profile, or perhaps a funny video that not only promotes your gig but also pokes fun at some aspect of your niche work. Little things like this are much more likely to garner attention and become sharable. Which is something you definitely want if you’re looking for that next order.


Educating people is not easy, but if you’re making a gig on Fiverr it’s because you have a talent or know something that others could use. Take this knowledge you have and write a blogpost. For example, if you’re an artist on Fiverr you could document the process you go through for creating an order, and share that with a link to the gig page featured in that post. This is not only interesting for possible buyers, but it’s also interesting for people in your field of work.

You might be saying; “Why do I care? Those people won’t buy anything from me.” And you might be wrong there. This kinds of contents could lead to referrals if the artists is booked and needs to send work to someone else, if they see your work and connect with it. You might just land yourself a new order. Another thing that could happen, and has happened to me. Is that they reach out because they need help from you to finish a project they have at the moment, and because they saw your blogpost and liked your work. They then went on to Fiverr and hired you on the post.

That’s it for today’s blogpost. Give these tips a try and comment your results below.

May your journey on Fiverr be ever prosperous.

Stay tuned for more Fiverr Tips and Tricks in the future.


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